Our Facilities


The Digital Classroom represents a technologically enriched learning space that fosters student engagement and facilitates seamless interaction with both teachers and peers through the strategic utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The program is designed to accomplish its goals through

  • Empowering teachers and students with cutting-edge ICT tools.
  • Delivering technology accompanied by curriculum-aligned learning content.
  • Conducting comprehensive training sessions to equip teachers in integrating technology into their classrooms.
  • Offering continuous technical support and assistance in lesson planning to teachers.


The Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Labs provide a fresh space for students to explore and experiment with technology during their regular sessions. Additionally, there are plans for advanced sessions and ongoing projects during other periods. These projects encompass a spectrum from disassembling older technology to understand its workings, to gaining hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies, including science and technology, robotics, and drones.


Equipped with a recital room, teaching area, and practice rooms, it serves as an inspiring backdrop for music lessons, individual practice, choir sessions, strings and brass rehearsals, as well as both casual and formal performances.


Accessible throughout lessons, break times, and evening activities, the art department stands as a highly utilized facility. It accommodates a variety of creative endeavors, including painting, print-making, and Design and Technology projects.