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Our curriculum combines aspects of our two core academic traditions.

Create a stimulating bilingual learning environment that focuses on student learning, development and well-being and unleashes the creative potential.

Subject Overview

The Visual Art program offers opportunities for studio practice, creative problem solving, and cultural investigation through drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, computer graphics, and digital photography.

Yoga helps students inculcate strength, endurance, confidence and a great mind-body-soul connection.

Science in school cultivates curiosity and critical thinking, fostering a foundation for understanding the natural world.

Physical education in school promotes holistic well-being through physical activity, instilling a lifelong commitment to health and fitness.

English in school nurtures effective communication and language skills, empowering students to express ideas fluently and engage with diverse perspectives.

Mathematics in school develops logical reasoning and problem-solving skills, laying the groundwork for analytical thinking and quantitative literacy.

Karate enhances physical fitness, discipline, and self-defense skills, promoting a culture of respect and personal empowerment.

Computer science equips students with essential skills for the digital age, fostering computational thinking and technological literacy.

Grade I AND II Anupama English School employs the Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation technique for student assessment, utilizing regular worksheets to monitor progress.

Grade III TO IX Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation includes two tests, one terminal examination, and an annual examination throughout the academic year. Students not meeting the required marks for promotion in two consecutive years won’t be allowed to continue. A minimum attendance of 75% is necessary for Annual Examination eligibility. Detailed Progress Reports, encompassing monthly tests, terminal examinations, assignments, and attendance, are shared with parents/guardians after each assessment.

Grade X Evaluation involves two exams and two Model Exams, preparing students for the Karnataka Secondary Education Board Examinations.

Grade IX & X – PROJECT WORK Project work in English, Hindi/Kannada, History & Civics, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Computer Applications, and Commercial Applications for classes IX and X undergo internal and external assessments. The results are forwarded to the SSLC Board, contributing to the overall evaluation.